Welcome to this shitty representation of what's going on in my head. I'm still not sure what I'm doing exactly, since this is really my first website I've made from scratch. It's not exactly the most prettiest thing in the world, but I'm only making something for my future self to admire, y'know? I'll put as much information that I think I need to and update this when necessary!

Who am I?

A teenage girl, a quilt with a little bit of Everything sewn onto it. Or a teacup fixed together with glue and tape. Whichever analogy you prefer. I think I'd consider myself interesting, but probably for all of the wrong reasons! I have a lot of things going on in my mind, and so a lot of things that I'd like to have sat out in front of me instead of just sitting in my head (bound to be forgotten). I have this weird obsession with leaving a mark of rememberance or memories in several different places. Probably to save me from forgetting even the most simplest things about myself. And maybe I could learn from my past self also e.e

So in the midst of my fascination with nostalgia and old web, I made this site! I wanted it to be similar to old multiplicity sites I had came across but ultimately just ended up doing my own thing.

Enough of that though, and more stuff about me. I have a lot of dislikes, grudges, and I seesaw between caring too much and caring too little. I wish I could say I was apathetic all the time but I guess emotions are just that 'fun' that I don't have it in me to be truly careless :% Lets see um. I talk a lot, I forget a lot of things, I repeat myself too often, and speaking irl is so hard at times that I'm surprised I never went to speech therapy.

I wouldn't consider myself slow but I'm certainly up there somewhere lol

I cope with things in weird ways, sometimes I take the coping too far but not as much anymore. I like belonging to a group but I also like being left alone. Most of my interactions come from online but I do have a few people I know in real life. But like I said before, speaking is hard, and typing ends up working a lot better for me.

Okayyy, I don't know what else to write here. I hope that wasn't too 'not like other girls' esque cause I do not want to be associated with that LMAO

Likes & dislikes

I like ... Music, art, literature, psychology, philosophy, my rapidly-changing fixations, (some) anime, learning about mental health, old websites, making things for myself to enjoy, stuff from the early 2000s, nostalgia-fuel, journaling, ARGs, games, coding (when it works out)

I dislike ... Loud noises, the weird "alt" trend thats going on, staring, being ignored, not being aware of things, forgetting shit, doctors (why do they have to touch me all over), empty soda cans, open bottles, teenage boys, people who think they're scary/threatening, people who try too hard, dramatic people, plenty of other things


Some of my liked musical artists are ... Provoker, $waggot*, Stuck in the Sound, Miracle Musical*, Death Grips*, CocoRosie, Crystal Castles, Glass Animals, Slowdive, Jack Stauber*, Mother Mother*, Everything Everything*, Boa, The Caretaker*, TV Girl

I don't watch a lot of movies/films, but I like ... Heathers*, Joker (2019), Possibly in Michigan
My favorite movie genre is ... Thriller

My favorite books are ... PJO, His Dark Materials*, Harry Potter (I read a lot of books but not so much anymore. Focus is hard.)

And lastly (for now) my favorite games are ... Red Dead Redemption 2, Okami, Animal Crossing, MMORPG games, collector games (virtual pets), Primal Carnage: Extinction, Half-Life, Sam & Max, Starbound, Pokemon, anything that my nostalgia filled brain decides to dig up and make a interest

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