Everyone (mostly everyone)
Name Age About
C 15 Chill guy whos a tad too serious. Worries a lot about worrying things.
Terra 17-18 A mature, reserved young adult woman. Seen as a mother figure for a lot of us.
M n/a Angel ram??? woah!
Odezenne Ageless Doesn't have a lot of feelings about things. Holds a lot of calming, emotionless energy.
Snowystorm 16 Ray of sunshine who enjoys witchcraft as a hobby.
Richie 16 Mostly sticks to himself. Enjoys stuff from the 70s-early 2000s
Nico 12 Very bold and does a lot of stupid things. Likes socializing and listening to the same song 20 times in a row.

Tweek 17 A artist who rips up half of the work he does. Very creativity driven. A bit of a ranty typer.

He mainly does poetry and painting. Has his work scattered in different places on the interwebs, in real life, and on our computer.

Juno n/a Croaky-sounding. Likes a lot of weird things. Don't know what's going on with this guy.