random writings

* 04/09/2021 * 11:32 PM *

* 03/27/2021 * 7:27 PM *
mayb i should use this part of my site more often lol. i dont rlly have much to talk about besides my day. its nice to come out but its like everytime i do something changed or somehing shitty happened like right beforehand :/ some of the discord servers we were in mysteriously disappeared (thanks tifu) so now i have even less ppl to talk to lol. iwould join some more servers myself but idk how well that'd go.. My only few interests are music and writing and prob drawing and im absolute shit at the last two. i mean maybe a journaling server would be cool ?? anyways I kinda wanna repost some of my old writing onto here sometime. I don't front nearly enough to write or journal everyday so it might not be seen for a long while.... or at all, depending on how i feel about my old work. anyways im passing time by watching iceberg videos about shit that i do not remotely care about with our host randomly interjecting telling me to watch certain stuff. bye i should keep working on this stupid page

* 03/05/2021 * 11:43 PM *
i eat sleep and breathe my amazing music taste